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Teaching | Music | Linux | Community"

Hydrogen Linux Beats

Quick Google search "teaching music with linux in the community"

Music Education With Linux Sound Tools

The Best Linux Tools for Teachers and Students

Interviews - LMP

LMP Asks #12: An interview with Sebastian Posch

Free/Open music software guide

How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free

Libre Jam: Doing a Linux audio workshop for kids – Part 1

Open Source Options For Education

Transdisciplinary Exemplar


Sound Sense membership (ad)

ZynAddSubFX - make any sound you want from scratch or just use presets.

And from Google Image search (same search term)

Making Music with Free and Open Source Software: Top Picks from Red Hat, Dave Phillips

Top 5 Free Linux Music Creation Tools For The Artist On A Budget

LinuxAudio on Twitter

Linux Audio Users Guide

5 Essential Linux Apps for Guitarists


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