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Git + Minecraft

One way to use Git to add "Undo" to Minecraft


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Terrible ghastly H2G2 #classicbooks

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literal misunderstanding


SJR - The Movie. Coming, Fall 2019

Still here

Still running, after all these years!

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Autism Dating Websites






All found via http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=3358931

Also, search Wrong Planet for "dating sites" yields many results to read through

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LearnPython Reddit Wiki Index

There is a comprehensive resource wiki for learning Python at the LearnPython Index.  I noticed this link in the sidebar of the LearnPython subreddit. Videos, documenation, FAQs, tools for learning and tons more. I'm wondering whether I need to learn more Python before I go into Django.

I guess I will find out if I start getting too bogged down whilst learning Django. Here is a link to the folder on my Dropbox where I have a spreadsheet tracking my progress with learning Djang. (Idea: build a Django web application to track my progress with learning Django..)