Curricula 2014 - 2015


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  • Maths (Edexcel)
  • Computing (WJEC)
  • Science (OCR) - Double
  • Science (OCR) - Triple
  • English()
  • Welsh()
  • Business BTEC()
  • Performing Arts BTEC ()
  • Religious Education ()
  • Maths - Edexcel



Pupils are set at KS4 working through either the Higher or Foundation tier GCSE. All pupils follow the linear Edexcel Maths GCSE (1MAO) programme of study, tracking their progress through well designed assessments based on actual GCSE questions. Each class is equipped with Edexcel endorsed text books and supporting material to allow our pupils to work towards their exams with confidence.

Before external exams pupils follow a very structured 8 week revision programme of weekly past exam paper based homework, after school revision sessions and additional lessons where needed. Staff work closely with parents keeping them up to date, weekly at this stage, to maintain the levels of revision at home to a rewarding level needed to achieve success at GCSE.

The specification, sample assessment material and other information can be found here: (inc. resources etc)

The mathswatch website can be found here:

The mymaths website can be found here:


IT and Computing - WJEC
inc. Unit 1 revision booklet PDF (saved to AV) and unit descriptors
inc. specification, assessment materials etc.
Past papers

(printed book in folder)


SCIENCE -  (OCR) - (syllabus B- J261)

inc. key docs  and tons and tons and tons of resources....

downloaded to AV - Schemes of  Work P1, C1, B1


Science - WJEC!!!!!

Teacher Guide

WJEC Science Related Documents

WJEC Science Past Papers

Fairwater - Science