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My earlier blog post about Django Resources connects to Django Links, It features a tag cloud with tags such as screencast. I followed the link for Mike's Django Python Tutorial Videos which will take you to his webpage with many Youtube videos. I also came across paid for courses such as Complete Python Bootcamp and Python - Learn Python From Scratch In No Time Flat! (both on Udemy). And then an old (2010) tutorial sequence about the basics of Django on Webmonkey.

The Webmonkey page could be a good place to start with Django as they get you to build an app in lesson 2.

Also, flicking through Dive Into Python; I'm on Native Datatypes. Open Source Hacker has a nice little tutorial on using IPython to help set up your Django.  It recommends reading Django Girls Tutorial if you're new to Django - it does look really good too - nicely laid out like proper Python documenation. (Open Source Hacker's link didn't work so I found an alternative one).

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