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Teaching | Music | Linux | Community"

Hydrogen Linux Beats

Quick Google search "teaching music with linux in the community"

Music Education With Linux Sound Tools

The Best Linux Tools for Teachers and Students

Interviews - LMP

LMP Asks #12: An interview with Sebastian Posch

Free/Open music software guide

How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free

Libre Jam: Doing a Linux audio workshop for kids – Part 1

Open Source Options For Education

Transdisciplinary Exemplar


Sound Sense membership (ad)

ZynAddSubFX - make any sound you want from scratch or just use presets.

And from Google Image search (same search term)

Making Music with Free and Open Source Software: Top Picks from Red Hat, Dave Phillips

Top 5 Free Linux Music Creation Tools For The Artist On A Budget

LinuxAudio on Twitter

Linux Audio Users Guide

5 Essential Linux Apps for Guitarists


Info and Support | Autism | BBC Links

Puzzle Ribbon Autism from https://openclipart.org/detail/58171/autism-puzzle-ribbon

BBC Info and Support Page for Autism

Ambitious about Autism

Autism Education Trust


Research Autism



Advance UK


Access to Work

Support Line

ASD | Research | Ahuja

Here's first page on Google on "Professor Ahuja Autism"

Alka Ahuja, Visiting Professor

Don’t Worry be Appy!! by Professor Alka Ahuja

“ABOUT ME” – A Mobile app for autism (PDF)

Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Residential Meeting (PDF)

Dilemmas and challenges in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions Conference

Dilemmas and challenges in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions

“ABOUT ME” – A Mobile app for autism (.docx)

Workshops | Further research

The page linked at the bottom of my post about Community Music Workshops also has a few other online resources to check out.

How to Develop a Workshop and Presentation Tips

How To Kit: Facilitating a Workshop

Twelve Tips for Conducting Effective Workshops

Buzztrax | Music Tracker | Linux

Buzz Trax Music Tracker

Buzztrax is based on the old Jeskola Buzz tracker music program. I heard about it whilst reading a March's issue of Computer Music. I'm going to check if it's in the repositories of my LMDE install (Linux Mint Debian Edition).

Google "Research" | Community Music Workshops

Music pic from Openclipart.org

Here's the first page of Google's results if I search for "how to set up a community music workshop":

The Music Workshop Company

Partners for Youth Empowerment

music work


Hotwells Music Workshop

Community Music: In Theory and In Practice (Google Books)

Community Music Wales

Community Toolbox ~ Conducting a Workshop

Business Mentoring | Horses Mouth

After my following the links in my previous blog post about public liability insurance I came across some links about business mentoring. The one that looks interesting was Horses Mouth. There were a few others at the bottom of the page on the CAB website, including Mentorsme.