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My earlier blog post about Django Resources connects to Django Links, It features a tag cloud with tags such as screencast. I followed the link for Mike's Django Python Tutorial Videos which will take you to his webpage with many Youtube videos. I also came across paid for courses such as Complete Python Bootcamp and Python - Learn Python From Scratch In No Time Flat! (both on Udemy). And then an old (2010) tutorial sequence about the basics of Django on Webmonkey.

The Webmonkey page could be a good place to start with Django as they get you to build an app in lesson 2.

Also, flicking through Dive Into Python; I'm on Native Datatypes. Open Source Hacker has a nice little tutorial on using IPython to help set up your Django.  It recommends reading Django Girls Tutorial if you're new to Django - it does look really good too - nicely laid out like proper Python documenation. (Open Source Hacker's link didn't work so I found an alternative one).

Django | Resources | Python

via http://www.ziptask.com/Django-at-10000-Feet-A-High-Level-Tour

I came across a very large Django resources via a comment on the Python subreddit. Lots of useful links!! Also, while searching for a cool Django image to use on this blogpost I came across Django at 10,000ft - A High Level Tour.

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Multi track drifiting

I've just read that the Blender subreddit has announced it's theme for this month's competition: Trains!

And download more Blender models and rigging systems for free. Which links to downloading a Mario model on Blendswap.


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Minecraft Blender Rigs

Blender Documentation Contents (or from Blender itself: Help - Python API Reference)

Also, have a look at Minecraft Blender Rigs! Also, Introduction to Rigging in Blender looks really well documented (but it's not free of charge..).

"What is Harrison Mixbus?"

Harrison Mixbus

If you ask Google that here's what you get:

The Harrison of Digital Audio Workstations

Mixbus User Forum

Harrison Mixbus DAW Software [Mac OS X]

Harrison Mixbus v3 - Youtube

Is Harrison's Mixbus 3 the perfect 'analogue-style' DAW?

Harrison Mixbus 2.0 review

Harrison Mixbus - Wikipedia

Teaching | Music | Linux | Community"

Hydrogen Linux Beats

Quick Google search "teaching music with linux in the community"

Music Education With Linux Sound Tools

The Best Linux Tools for Teachers and Students

Interviews - LMP

LMP Asks #12: An interview with Sebastian Posch

Free/Open music software guide

How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free

Libre Jam: Doing a Linux audio workshop for kids – Part 1

Open Source Options For Education

Transdisciplinary Exemplar


Sound Sense membership (ad)

ZynAddSubFX - make any sound you want from scratch or just use presets.

And from Google Image search (same search term)

Making Music with Free and Open Source Software: Top Picks from Red Hat, Dave Phillips

Top 5 Free Linux Music Creation Tools For The Artist On A Budget

LinuxAudio on Twitter

Linux Audio Users Guide

5 Essential Linux Apps for Guitarists


Info and Support | Autism | BBC Links

Puzzle Ribbon Autism from https://openclipart.org/detail/58171/autism-puzzle-ribbon

BBC Info and Support Page for Autism

Ambitious about Autism

Autism Education Trust


Research Autism



Advance UK


Access to Work

Support Line